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The gateway OK0NMG is located in Brno,Czech Republic and its history started in 1995. The gateway was found at the department of information technology at Technical University of Brno by Libor OK2PEN (who sponsored the most equipment) and Michal OK2XDP, and at first run with 486-DX system. It was the first OK gateway registered in the world gateway amprnet system. There had been made some gateway experiments already before with Franta OK2OP at the electrotechnical department of TU Brno and Franta became later the third sysop of the OK0NMG gate. After running this gate for 5 years the University rejected the use of gateway as Michal completed his study there and the management of department changed for new ones who did not support the digital hamradio systems. After that there was a short period for a search of a new sponsoring qth to continue running the OK0NMG gateway. Finally it was Roman OK2CRC who as the net manager of the new Technical Museum of Brno offered under the support of the management of the museum one table and corner in his server room to accomodate the new OK0NMG system. There should have been renewed the callsign licence so Libor OK2PEN remained as sysop and as cosysops became Roman OK2CRC and Niki OK2SKY. The qth of the Technical Museum is not far from the last original Technical University qth so there were not much problems to continue radio link to the packet net.

Technical Museum in Brno-Kr.Pole JN89GF
(You must have the telnet or Windows hyperterminal program installed)


At present the gateway is running with the N1URO software "uronode" which is well flexible to internet connection and also due to problem of having only one public IP address translating by the WinProxy Server which is not able to translate two or more different IP addresses for one Linux computer ethernet card. Of course a Linux server would be much better for this bug. That's why the original use of TNOS was postponed and if the delivery of one IP address will persist the solution will probably be in the installation of second ethernet card. There is installed also simple EMail terminal improved by OK2PEN.

The gateway equipment is presently as follows:
One PC Pentium 4 Intel 3 GH running Linux Fedora 22 system upgraded to Kernel 4.0.5.
At present the node has no user packet radio port.

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